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Helena Jia Hershel Ph.D. MFT

I offer counseling to individuals in California and the San Francisco Bay Area and I welcome adults of all ages and people of all cultures and ethnic heritages.  I am providing services exclusively via teletherapy at this time. My email is

Sometimes life challenges us to either move ahead or face staying stuck in old patterns.  We want to improve our relationships with others and the way we feel about our self.  We might find ourselves limited by the way we think, feel or behave.   Anxiety and/or depression can keep us captive as does fear, anger and shame.  There is an inner knowledge that we haven’t reached our full potential.  We want more out of life and better relationships yet may feel limited in knowing how to achieve greater happiness and fulfillment.

My style is warm, communicative and insightful.  I bring twenty five years of experience.  As each person is very unique, I understand that your therapy will also be unique to meet your needs.

We will work together to find what suits your needs using a holistic approach that takes into account all of you.  Here is an example of just a few themes:

  • your mental and emotional well being
  • your significant relationships
  • your physical health and body
  • your lifestyle
  • your work or career
  • your internal conflicts
  • your dreams
  • your pain, disappointments, losses
  • your hopes, aspirations, joy
  • your love and desire
  • your identity, culture, ethnicity

Psychotherapy begins as you tell me about your life.  I listen well and converse with you about your strengths, your issues, your goals.  As important as what gets in your way are what skills you already possess.  I hope to add to these skills with insights, compassion and tools to help you move through impasses that are a part of living and a part of being human.